I’m here to help you find your confidence and poise to finally step into a bodybuilding show. 

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Dreaming about competing?


As a personal trainer, being able to walk across a bodybuilding stage has always been an ultimate goal. But to walk across the stage with confidence and poise, that's a whole other thing.

It wasn’t easy and I made a ton of mistakes!

That's why I created my program: the first timer’s fitness competitor blueprint. It's to help women understand the world of competitive bodybuilding and to show that anybody can rock a bikini feeling confident and sexy. I know how overwhelming it can feel when you start thinking about going through prep; changing everything from your diet, your mindset, your habits, your entire lifestyle.

Think of this site as a powerful resource to learn about the sport. Your  customized one stop shop for all things competition. This is how to level up your training and grind to get to that stage. 

I can’t wait for you to try this proven system out…

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